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Siddhawarrior is the ultimate source for the conscious communication of Satsang. provides an open doorway to liberation by guiding people to Heart Realization through the spiritual path of the warrior. is free and created solely for educational and instructional purposes.

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About Hermes


 Hermes has been communicating the spiritual aspects of Yoga for 20 years. He is committed to helping people change the way they feel, so that they can enjoy ultimate happiness in their daily lives. Hermes provides a complete course on the practical applications of consciousness. His instruction, is a proven means by which to effectively help people achieve real success in life. Hermes is here to communicate these teachings to all who are ready to embrace them.

Hermes is a special kind of guide; he is kind, generous, warm, and compassionate. His translation is rooted in a rare form of Heart teachings. The benign effect of the true Heart teachings he expresses can be felt by anybody who makes themselves available for the process of healing. Hermes is a genuine communicator of consciousness; his understanding of the process of consciousness is translated directly to anyone who is open to receiving his communication.