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All Form is Illusion

All Form is Illusion

People have all sorts of false perceptions about themselves and everybody else; ultimately, any perception is false! So even when people think they are being real, they are still living in illusion; they are still living a lie. All of this just leads to more pain and suffering. It leads to more broken hearts and misunderstandings. Everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason, this is how we understand ourselves. We are constantly suffering from attachment to false realities until we let them go. To be real is to live in Consciousness, we cannot have all sorts of false perceptions if we are going to live in Consciousness. We have to be truthful with ourselves and everybody else, we have to come clean about what we are, or we will continue to live in delusion. All form is illusion.

  1. So true! Did you know that what we ‘see’ is really only an upside-down projected image in the back of our heads? So, we are not actually ‘seeing’ the outside world at all, but the inside of our skulls! haha

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