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Divine Indifference

Divine Indifference

When I speak of indifference in spiritual terms, I don’t mean indifference in the usual sense of the word. This is because there is no receptivity, no sensitivity implied by the general use of the word indifference. When I am discussing indifference, I am speaking in terms of divine indifference. This is the kind of indifference that only appears through the recognition of the true state of conditions. Happiness is ultimately realized through the recognition and eventual understanding of the nature of conditional existence. When you have understood yourself, you will be divinely indifferent to the conditions that you suffer from. This is the quality of indifference that is enjoyed in Satsang. When you are happy, you will be indifferent to the qualities of your experience that make you unhappy. There will be no effort to avoid anything painful, you will simply be happy. When you have realized happiness you will be ecstatically indifferent.

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