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The 8 Effective Ways to Increase Your Sense of Happiness

1  Turn off the television: This kind of technology has been known to affect our behaviour and even our dreams. There have been brainwave studies that demonstrate that watching cable television will put the viewer into a hypnotic trance. Too much Internet can rewire our brain function as well.


2  Do not use cell phones or WIFI: There are scientific studies, and many stories of people affected by microwave radiation. This information indicates that wireless technology has various negative effects upon the well being of the brain and body.


3  Avoid using prescription drugs: Some commonly prescribed prescription drugs have been known to interfere with the emotional centers in the brain. This can adversely affect your conscious development as well as other adverse physical side effects.


4  Eat Natural Food: There are a lot of poisonous substances in conventional and processed foods. Try to eat organic food. This food is pure genetically, and does not have toxic sprays on it.

5  Do Yoga and get exercise: At least a little exercise is essential just for basic bodily enjoyment. It is also important for the brain to get oxygen in order to function effectively.


6  Spend time in nature: Being in nature can bring you a sense of peace within your life. Getting away from the city is essential; it gets us back in touch with our roots.


7  Find and spend time with your true family: Find and spend time with your true friends. These are the people that support your spiritual growth. These are the people in your life who are constructively critical. We need to communicate how we feel honestly and openly with these people. We need to do our best to listen to, accept, and understand each other.


8  Read Books: Do as much studying as you can. Read books about human behaviour, history, psychology, spirituality, self help and esoteric philosophy. Study the teaching! Study the great spiritual books by the great teachers as they have a lot of wisdom. If you study for long enough some of it is bound to rub off on you.


Try to do your best to follow through with these general suggestions, but don’t get stressed out if you can’t fulfill them right away. All of these tips are ways to increase your sense of wellbeing; if you do follow through with them you are definitely likely to experience more enjoyment in your life. Learning about happiness is a life-long practice.


 *This is not intended as a recommended treatment, diagnosis, or cure for any specific problem, whether emotional, medical, or psychological. One should consult a licensed physician or other qualified professional before applying any particular program of treatment, prevention or cure.