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Healing from Denial

Healing from Denial

Our society is ill. A good reason for this is because so many people are living in denial. The reason that people are living in denial is because they are afraid of what they are denying. When we accept what we are denying, when we are honest with ourselves, we are freed from the fear of clinging to our illusions. When what we have been denying becomes relevant to us, then we have developed the maturity to appreciate what is true in our lives. It is only when we realize the relevance of what is true that we can transcend our personal preoccupations and embrace our actual nature. It is in this way that we are freed from the burdensome weight of fear and self denial. 

The truth of the situation is that we choose to be unhappy by living in denial.  When we overcome our fear and stop living in denial, we become humble enough to enjoy what is true about ourselves. When we accept what is true, we release ourselves from what is false; we then become free to enjoy life for what it is.  If we are honest and real with ourselves, we show the sincerity and humility that goes with living happily. When we understand ourselves we demonstrate love to others, in this way we spontaneously help our society to heal. The way we live is reflected by our society’s health, by acknowledging that we are ill we can begin the healing process. 


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