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Illusion serves the enjoyment of Truth

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Illusion serves the enjoyment of Truth

Most of the practical arguments relative to consciousness focus on human behavior. The more we are aware of the subtle motivations behind our behavior the more conscious we become. The more of our attention we focus on observing this behavior the more likely we are to comprehend our suffering. By ignoring our behavioral habits we only prolong the inevitable Truth which we ultimately must come to terms with.

If we look around, we can easily find all sorts of ignorance and denial that we as a collective are suffering from.  Ignorance and delusion are obviously common qualities of the human experience. If we observe closely, we will find that Ignorance and delusion are the cause of most of the wars and disagreements that take place within society. The tendency to judge what we don’t understand can easily become a burdensome practice leaving us annoyed and weary.  This is part of the secret to why we are unhappy: we are not living in truth. Much of our time is devoted to maintaining illusions that we find consoling or anxiety reducing. We use these beliefs to shield ourselves from the anxiety of living in a finite reality, from the inevitability of ultimate change and death.

Enlightenment is about transcendence. When we are no longer afraid of the Truth we accept it, we let go of what we were holding on to. We find out that what we were holding on to wasn’t serving us any longer. Ultimately, we discover that we were just trying  to avoid facing a painful Reality until we were ready to accept it.

Illusions play an important role in the growth process and serves us at every stage of the conscious process. Without illusion, there would only be the revelation of Truth. For the most part, the majority of people would admit that they are not ready for the complete revelation of the Truth. Generally, we tend to struggle to find vitality and happiness in the midsts of the inevitability of the Truth that we were avoiding. It takes a lot of energy to maintain an illusion in the face of the truth. The avoidance of an inevitable Truth will require more and more of our vital and psychic energy to postpone the acceptance of the obvious fact we were not looking at. This increase in the demand on the vital and psychic energy used to maintain this illusion causes us to become more and more depressed and unhappy. Essentially, we are suffering from a struggle to maintain a fantasy in the face of Reality. As this Reality becomes more apparent, it becomes much more difficult to maintain a fantasy. Eventually, it becomes so difficult that we can’t maintain the illusion anymore.

As the light of Truth shines through, we are set free from the reactive emotions that are caused by fear and the clinging to illusion. When we realize that happiness is the inherent condition of Reality, there is no fear and no reason to cling, there is only happiness. There is only the enjoyment of what already is. In this discovery, we find that the concerns of the past and the fears for the future are transcended by the enjoyment of this moment. Ultimately, all apparent negative human attributes are servants to the enjoyment of the now. They serve the natural process of conscious evolution through the process of expansion and contraction. Life uses illusion to teach us about the Truth. Life forces us to grow so that we can learn to enjoy the ultimate condition of this Reality. Illusion is a very powerful tool. Illusion helps show us what the Truth is not. It helps us find a Truth that is not dependant on limited or temporary conditions. Illusion helps us to find a Truth that is beyond the limited qualities of all human experience. Where there is this ultimate Truth there is only enjoyment. The Truth shall set you free !


  1. I find that truth can be elusive because many times we ignore the truth and hope that what we want will actually come true. Life can present so many twists and turns and if you are weak, like me, you tend to follow paths that compromise your own truth and values. More lessons…lol

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