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Nirvana is the Key

Nirvana is the Key

There is no belief that we can hold that would be an ultimate solution to our dissatisfaction with the present situation, as the only solution to our state of separateness is Nirvana. Idealistic solutions are only temporary fixes for our suffering, it is not an ultimate answer for our unhappiness. All form has a beginning and an end, all things change, as all things appear and disappear. The unqualified nature of Brahman, our native condition, transcends all forms of temporary manifestation. The belief that fulfillment can be achieved through the limits of temporal experience is a delusion, it is a myth that we use to console ourselves in our denial of our native condition. Happiness cannot be achieved through sentient reality, the sooner we accept this truth, the sooner we will be happy. When we embrace Nirvana, our happiness will no longer be dependent on temporary objects or experiences; it will be a Happiness that is based on an understanding that transcends limited conditions. With Nirvana comes the unqualified enjoyment of the realization of Brahman, the True Self. Nirvana is the key to the ultimate enjoyment of enlightenment.

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