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Non-duality : The Treasure of Enlightenment

Non-duality : The Treasure of Enlightenment

The external world is a collective reflection of our individual states of being. All of our experiences are reflections of our present quality of relationship. Everything that we are experiencing is completely appropriate in regards to our present condition of awareness. Everything including our present experience is acceptable and appropriate for the processes of our conscious development. The circumstance of our existence is meant to be, it is God’s will for it to be this way. If we are to enjoy Satsang we must not be in duality about non-perfection. Satsang is about freedom from preferences. True happiness is about transcendence of doubt. To be in Satsang is to be in utter joy in the midst of apparent pain, suffering and death. Conditional existence is just a limitation, the ego is always trying to make conditional existence into something other than what it is. The way is to transcend the inherent nature of conditions. To enjoy and love life in the midst of pain and suffering is the enjoyment of Satsang. When you realize your native condition, you will not be in despair about the quality of your experience, you will simply be happy. Non-duality is the essence of Satsang, it is the treasure of true enlightenment.


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