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Only the Ego can be Offended.

Only the Ego can be Offended.

The ego lives in illusion, and it is our spiritual destiny to understand this ego and it’s illusions. What is required to fully appreciate this Teaching is the understanding of this ego. We have to have the strength to look at the nature of our appearance. We have to have the resilience to look at what is true about ourselves. No body-mind is perfect; the ego has inherent limitations in its mechanical nature. To accept this is to begin to move beyond our denial about non-perfection. You believe that these Teachings don’t apply to you because you are special, but your very belief that there is a ‘you’ and a ‘me’ is a sign of this illusion of separateness of which I speak. These Teachings are not my opinion, they are true to form in their historical context. These Teachings are an offence to the ego, and they have always been an offence to the ego. If they are an offence to you, it means that they are working. Only the ego or the separate one can be offended! There is only God, everything else is illusion.



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