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Opening the Heart

Opening the Heart

The opening of the heart is the essence of compassion, we have to be liberated to be open in the heart. In order for the heart to be open, we have to admit what we are doing. We have to spend time looking at ourselves critically. To be open in the heart is to come clean about our strategy and to recognize how we are creating our suffering. Opening the heart requires us to transcend our cockiness by recognizing the activity we are suffering from. As long as we think the conditions that are causing our unhappiness are great, we will continue to worship them. The opening of the heart is the Realization of the humility of sacrifice, as sacrifice of the ego through compassion is the essence of true Enlightenment.


  1. What do you mean by ‘Heart’? Do you mean the Anahata, or where I feel emotions? I assume you mean the spiritual heart, but I’m not sure what the difference is.

    • Hi Maya, good question! There is some difference, one is a lower expression of the other. One is individualized, the other is unqualified. The spiritual Heart, or if you like, the unqualified power of God express itself through the emotional heart. Ultimately, to fully enjoy the Heart of God or enlightenment, the emotional heart has to be fully opened or transcended. In this case I am referring to the opening of the emotional heart of the ego, to the spiritual or unqualified Heart of God. Thank you

      • To clarify, I will often use a capital H to describe the greater or unqualified Heart of God, and a small h to describe the individualized or emotional heart.

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