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Reality Transcends the Mind

Reality Transcends the Mind

Scientific facts have revealed, and will continue to reveal, that the reality that we perceive is merely a construct of the mind, and not a genuine representation of the actual state of Reality. We may find more and more sophisticated ways of describing how this reality manifests, but they will only ever be approximations of Reality, not Reality itself. We will never be able to truly perceive, or describe the true nature of Reality because we are always looking at it from outside; we are always observing it from the point of view of being separate from it. Reality itself is un-qualified, it is beyond the qualities that can be observed from a limited angle. From our apparently separate viewpoint, we are not able to perceive the actual condition of Reality itself. Where we err is in our tendency to focus our attention on the separate qualities of Reality, rather than on the quality of Reality itself. We are concerned with how things work or how they appear, rather than on what they mean!

Understanding is not belief, as belief is a product of the mind. It is a convention of the human mind to try to know what is infinite and indivisible. The actuality of consciousness is beyond the limits of comprehension. The revelation of Reality comes through the transcendence of perception, memory and belief. Understanding is freedom from the constraints of metallization and ideology. The conventions of the mind are transcended through the understanding of the paradox of Reality.

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