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Shadow and Light

Shadow and Light

In many religions death is associated with something dark, as many people since ancient times have associated it with something evil and unholy. Through Understanding, we realize that there is more to death than evil and darkness. In the East many people worship this destructive force as a God. This is because there is a more profound function to death than simply deprivation. Death is the force of change, it is the force of renewal. Like winter, death sweeps away the old to make way for the new; it is a positive part of process of transformation. Everything that occurs happens for a reason, the same force that is behind both good and the evil is the same force behind all the qualities of manifest existence. Cosmic forces conspire behind all events, both good and bad, in service to the Divine purpose. All conditional manifestations are servants to the greater process of Consciousness, and all qualities of life are simply expressions of our Divine nature. All of our successes and failures are simply momentary modifications of the ultimate nature of our divinity and infinite beingness. Without light, all would be darkness, without shadow, all would be desert.



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