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Quotes by Hermes



If you are suffering from contraction you will observe the inability to enjoy a total state of completeness in this moment.


Love is the force at the core of all life. Where there is real love there is only Happiness.


The Heart is the purifying force of Love at the core of all life.


The Truth is beyond transient phases…; it is the true regardless of what changes.


True meditation doesn’t require any action, only tacit understanding.


Spirituality is not the way to God, spirituality is what you enjoy when you have found God already!


One does not find God through Realization, God is Realization!


One of the most tragic aspects of ego is delusion, everything that the ego identifies with is an illusion.


Truth is the essence of the Now! When we enjoy the truth, we enjoy the fullness of Reality.


The Way of the Heart is the Way of Truth. When the Truth is realized the Heart is found!


Telling the truth doesn’t make you popular, it makes you genuine.


The purpose of spiritual practice is not to become something, it’s to become nothing.


Everything is a modification of the divine being; ultimately, there is only God.



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True Meditation is Contemplation

True Meditation is Contemplation

The traditional teaching argument needs to be thoroughly considered on a practical level. Only in this way can one enjoy the bliss of real Meditation. True Meditation is contemplation, as it means the contemplation of Truth.