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The Ego and Enlightenment

The Ego and Enlightenment

I am not here to tell you what you want to hear, there are many others who can tell you that. I am only here to tell you the truth. In my many years of study and contemplation I have come to understand that the way of esoteric revelation is an extremely profound process of initiation. One cannot read a few books and thereby become enlightened. There will never be a time were you will not have to do sadhana; there will never be a time were you will not be a devotee, as ultimate enlightenment requires one to be an exemplary devotee. There is no other way, as one must sacrifice themselves to God. If you are manifested bodily, you will have to do sadhana relative to your separate existence regardless of what spiritual experience you have. There is no experience of consciousness; the one who apparently experiences enlightenment is the illusory separate self. The experience of enlightenment is the illusion of the ego. Enlightenment transcends experience. In Truth, nobody exists to experience anything. Enlightenment is the inherent enjoyment of reality, the ego is not capable of this enjoyment! The ego cannot grasp the nature of reality, enlightenment is truly realized when the ego is transcended. This is why the guru is so important, for satsang with the guru is the means by which the ego is made irrelevant. Through the process of this satsang, happiness is increasingly enjoyed and understanding becomes more profound. The ego seeks to be gratified in it’s search for enlightenment, this is why it is not achieved by the one who is seeking it. One cannot do it on one’s own, as it is the ego that desires to achieve enlightenment by its own merit. In the enjoyment of satsang one transcends oneself. The true benefits of enlightenment are embraced through this realization.




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