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The Law of Love (Divine Justice)

The Law of Love (Divine Justice)

       Some of you may feel that life is unjust or that there is no Justice in life. In some sense this may be implied by the lack of apparent Justice in our society. Many may feel that the nature of our society is a reflection of the nature of life and that life is brutal. They may even doubt the existence of God because of the brutal nature of life on earth. We often get angry when we feel things are unjust, or that we have been done wrong; it has a sense of offensiveness to it, like you have been violated or something. Often people have their own sense of Justice. The ego usually has it’s own version of Justice in the world that it envisions. We have our own preferences, opinions and ideas about how Justice should be administered according to our limited viewpoint. Some may even feel that there is no law at all, and that man is forsaken.

       Yes, mankind’s laws are often unjust, they generally do not appear to reflect the Universal Laws that govern our dimension. If you consider this matter more closely, you will find that all the manifest forces of existence are bound by Universal Laws. Divine Justice or the Divine law of Love is implemented through the Universal Laws. These laws are not controlled by any man, machine, or deity; they are de facto laws which underlie the mechanical processes of conditional existence. In other words, they just are. These Universal Laws are responsible for prioritizing the primary processes of manifest existence towards conscious evolution rather than towards bodily satisfaction. Conscious evolution through the purification of karma is the primary means by which God is realized for all human beings.

       Karma is another word for action or deed. The implication of our actions or deeds determines our karmic destiny, as our lives are defined by the results of our past actions. As a result of our decisions, we have to face the actions of our past in the form of present conditions. In other words, everybody must face their karma in this life or the next. One cannot escape one’s karma, as one is ultimately forced to confront the truth of the existence that they have creating for themselves. Basically, you cannot escape the reality of your behavior; you can only avoid it temporarily. By avoiding reality we only create more karma for ourselves. This is the sense in which I would like to describe Divine Justice. This kind of Justice transcends the temporal rounds of materiality and bodily existence. To describe it simply, the more invested you are in materiality the more karma you accumulate, and the more unnecessary suffering you endure.

       God is not to be confused with conditional forms; the more that you confuse your true nature with a false identity the more pain and suffering you will endure. Suffering from attachment to temporary forms of existence is the means by which the Divine Justice is implicated. When one forgets about his true nature he suffers. True prosperity or the blessings of God are not to be associated with bodily satisfaction. The way is about sacrifice through transcendence, this is why suffering is the great equalizer in the process of Divine Justice. The suffering that we experience is completely appropriate for our present state of growth, it is God’s will or it would not be this way. We suffer because we are attached to things that are not God. Consciousness is the priority of life, not bodily fulfillment. The Divine uses suffering as a tool to demonstrate this to us. “Existence is suffering,” as the Buddhist saying goes! This world is not meant to be turned into a paradise, it never was. This is the earth, not heaven! We are here to transcend our attachment to manifest conditions. The sacrifice of our separate self existence is an expression of the Divine law of Love; Love is realized through the transcendence of the appearance of separateness. The nature of Divine Justice is Love,  Love is the ultimate blessing of the Divine.



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