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The Secret to Success

The Secret to Success

To have success you have to be happy.  To be happy you have to understand yourself. Self-knowledge is imperative to success. It is necessary for the Transcendence of fear, and procrastination. We need self knowledge to transcend our dependency on the false perceptions that we use to delude ourselves. We don’t achieve success because what we imagine to be success isn’t really success. It is just our idea of success.  It is not real victory, or success in the ultimate sense. The reason we don’t achieve victory is because we are suffering from unconsciousness. We are suffering from a lack of understanding about our human condition, and what real success is. We don’t enjoy the benefits of having inside knowledge about our own condition. We are unconscious of the situation we are creating for ourselves, and why we are suffering. Self knowledge is the key to success because we are suffering from a lack of knowledge about ourselves. To enjoy ultimate success, we have to understand ourselves.  Once we know what we’re doing wrong, we can fix it. If we study, and consider our behavior, we can observe it in real time. Once we see it, then we can choose to change it. This kind of self-awareness is the bases of all forms of success. It is the time tested secret of all great masters and teachers. Self knowledge is the key to ultimate self mastery. The more that we understand about ourselves, the more everything will flow for us.


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