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The Way of the Heart

The Way of the Heart

The Way of the Heart is the Realization of Love. The Realization of Love is the enjoyment of relationship. To be in relationship is to understand the Truth and to enjoy happiness. When you understand life, you will simply Love, then you will be a servant of God. With Enlightenment, there is no guilt or shame; your life is a living sacrifice to the infinite Reality of the divine.

The experience of suffering is transcended through the Realization of Love. In the enlightened state of enjoyment, weakness, fear, and doubt simply do not arise. No experience or condition is ultimately binding; all conditions are recognized as qualities of the divine process. The enjoyment of Enlightenment requires no struggle.

When Love is realized, the divine being is spontaneously embraced. When the drama of suffering is surrendered, Enlightenment is effortlessly enjoyed by the grace of God alone. For the one who understands, no effort is required as the very force of Consciousness is free to flow spontaneously. The ultimate Realization of Love transcends the arbitrary binding conditions of the body mind; it is the infinite and spontaneous enjoyment of radiant Love-bliss.

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