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Transcending Fear

Transcending Fear

Fear is an obstruction to the enjoyment of Consciousness. We have to be free from fear if we are going to experience more consciousness in our lives. Self-understanding is an important part of being fearless, as it is necessary for the transcendence of doubt and procrastination. We need courage to transcend our dependency on the false perceptions we use to console ourselves. Even when we desperately desire to be more conscious, we often do not achieve a more conscious state. This is because what we imagine to be conscious awareness is not real conscious awareness, it is just our idea of Consciousness. It is not real bliss, or self-awareness in the ultimate sense. As long as we are attached to preconceived notions about how enlightenment or Consciousness should be, we will be afraid to accept how it actually is. Transcendence of fear is release from false realities!


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