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Transcending the Ego

Transcending the Ego

Once you have grasped the nature of ego your suffering will be obvious.  Examine your actions you will find that everything you do is rooted in suffering. Ego is the selfish motive! It is the driving force behind the entire spectrum of selfishness in our society. In the face of this ego the best thing you can do for yourself is to examine your behavior. That’s what sadhana in its early stages is, it’s a continual process of self observation. In general, self observation doesn’t come to an end once you’ve observed something about yourself, it only intensifies as you understand what you are observing more clearly. The more you observe this ego the more familiar you will become with it. Eventually, by Divine grace, you will come to have greater and greater insight into the nature of this ego; in this increasing insight there is profound intuition into the nature of Reality. This allows us to apply much more energy to the process of purification or transcendence. This is how the actual process of ego transcendence  works: the more you understand, the more you will transcend.

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