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Understanding Suffering

Understanding Suffering

We are suffering from a lack of understanding about our pain, and what real happiness means to us. We do not enjoy the benefits of having a deeper understanding about our human conditon. We are unconscious of the situation we are creating for ourselves, and why we are continually frustrated. Suffering is the key to self-awareness because it shows us what is not genuine! It helps us understand what real Consciousness is. Essentially, we are suffering from a lack of understanding about the true nature of suffering. We have to begin to understand our suffering if we are going to experience more Conscious-awareness. Once we understand how we are suffering, we can begin to transcend it. As we recognize and transcend our suffering in each moment that it arises, we tend to enjoy Consciousness more and more. Consciousness is our native condition; understanding suffering is the key to the enjoyment of more Conscious-awareness in our daily lives.

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