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Utilize Your Advantage

Utilize Your Advantage

The prerequisite for receiving my offering is not money. You have to be ready to receive this communication. If you are attracted to me, then you are starting to become ready to absorb this teaching. This expression is meant to be a preparation for the way. When you hear what I am saying, you will not let fear prevent you from receiving this communication directly. You will not allow procrastination to keep you from fulfilling your destiny in satsang with me. You must seize the moment. You must use your advantage to utilize these rare opportunities while they are available. Our choices in life are an expression of our present state of understanding. When you understand as I do, you will respond to this way accordingly.  


  1. Natalie Belley says:

    I know very little about satsang but feel drawn to it.
    Thank you for your online reading material.
    I’m glad your organization exists.

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